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L'Arche Clinton (Arch, Inc.)

Founded in 1974

Community Address:
715 S. Third St.
P.O. Box 0278
Clinton, IA 52733-0278
Phone: (563) 243-9035
Fax: (563) 243-7796
Website: www.larcheClinton.org
Community Leader: Devin Land
Preparing Mailing List

Would you like to be part of our mailing list?

L'Arche Clinton does approximately 8 mailings per year. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send you name, mailing address, phone number and email address to Jean Bormann at
PO Box 278, Clinton, IA 52733-0278
or email her at development.larcheclinton@gmail.com, or call her at (563) 243-9035.




Board of Directors

2016 Board of Directors photo

L'Arche Clinton's board of directors. (Back from left): Patrick Query, vice president; Joel Kaczinski; Pat Mink-Steensen; Davin Land, community leader L'Arche Clinton; and Paul Schnack, treasurer. (Front from left): Amanda Eberhart, president; Sister Theresa Judge, OSF, secretary; and Danielle Miller. Absent when photo taken: Sister Ann Martin Phelan, OSF; and Kristina Rebelsky.

President – Amanda Eberhart
Vice President – Danielle Miller
Secretary – Sister Theresa Judge, OSF
Treasurer – Pat Mink-Steensen
Paul Schnack
Joel Kaczinski
Kristina Rebelsky
Jan Kness
Karen Marshall


Director of Hospitality/Formation:
Bethany Luzny
Director of Development:
Jean Bormann
Director of Finance/HR/Admin:
Amber Truckenmiller
Arch IV/Apartment Coordinator:
Carolyn Luebe
Arch I/Arch II Coordinator:
Jon Kuiper